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Accurate Metal Products, Inc. presents itself with over 40 years of experience specializing in metal fabrication and welding. Our company offers a one-stop concept of custom manufacturing that can begin with an idea only, which upon the application of engineering disciplines may become a drawing to a final blueprint. All of this service is available within the confines of our facility.

We custom fabricate virtually any custom equipment according to designers and consultants specification and plans. It is our goal at Accurate metal Products to produce high quality equipment at a competitive price, and to complete the job on schedule even under adverse conditions. We feel that we have earned a reputation for meeting this goal.

Accurate Metal Products, Inc. is a fully equipped precision metal fabricator located in Glen Avon California. We understand the critical nature of delivering our customers' products with shorter lead times while simultaneously remaining cost efficient. We strive to thoroughly understand and respect our customers needs needs as we would like ours to be. Our goal is to build long term relationships with companies that commit to high quality and continuous improvement as we do.


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